Bob Wayland

About Me

I have been a management consultant for more than 35 years, specializing in planning and executive development. My current emphasis is on the intersection of economics and business management. In particular, I have sought to introduce areas of economics such as evolutionary economics and economic entrepreneurialism that recieve little attention but can help innoculate managers from the facile and unscientific notions espoused in the management literature. 

I teach a course at Harvard Extension School (HES) on the Economics of Business, in which I share my experience and stay in touch with young managers and their concerns. I have found the typically older, married and employed students of HES to be a good critical audience for my ideas and a source of inspiration as they share their concerns and challenges.

I am the author, with Paul Cole, of Customer Connections: New Strategies for Growth (Harvard Business School Press, 1997). Jim Mulcahy and I have just finished The Delightful Science: The Real Nature of Economics (forthcoming). I am working on a book about baseball, Deep Flies, from the perspective of a dedicated fan of the Cleveland Indians who explains the game and its connections to science, society and pain management to fans denied the life-shaping experience of rooting for the Indians.

I received BSBA and MA degrees in economics from The Ohio State University.